10 Best Places & Spots for Photography in Melbourne

If you ask me any place in Melbourne has some story to tell which could be interesting for a photographer’s eye. However, with a limited time in hand, I would like to recommend the to and best 10 places in Melbourne that you could head to for a photo-walk with your camera to capture some stunning and amazing photographs. In the past one year, I have tried my best to go to the corners of the city to find interesting places and photograph and will spill my experiences here. Even though the below list is not in any particular order, I am listing down the places that cannot be missed and is in easy reach from the City CBD. Before I start off, would like to credit WhatsBest.com.au for their awesome things to do in Melbourne resource, which has been the base of my Melbourne exploration guide!

1. Graffiti Lane / Hosier Lane at the Flinders Street

This is a great place to photograph and is located right at the heart of the city. You can find several connecting lane ways  peppered with amazing spray paintings crafted by local artists. Many of the paintings could be of a socio-political theme but certainly something not to miss out. You could find several interesting graffiti  spray paintings here from Mother Mary to Lord Ganesha. It is just 2 – 3 minutes walk from the Flinders Street Station.

2. Princess Pier at Port Philip

Princess Pier is a 580m long historic pier situated on Port Philip and is less than 20 minutes drive from the city center. This is an awesome awesome location for sunset, long exposure photography and trust me you are gonna photograph nothing less than a wallpaper! This is one location I have visited several times and each time I get a different flavor of the beautiful location. The area is a very calm and peaceful place and you could always find less people here (except for the regular salmon fishermen). Add this to your list if you enjoy peace and photography 🙂

3. South Melbourne Beach Area

If you love photographing  beautiful walkways, wooden bridges and benches all soaked in a laid back beach mood – this is the place. Make sure you reach there by the “golden hour” and not when very bright. You will be surprised to see the great clicks you might capture with the soft light and the scenic location. The location has several subjects and setup that will create a great frame for your photographs. Below is one such click I captured from the South Melbourne beach area. The place is again located in close proximity to the city, may be like 20 minutes of drive from the city centre.

4. South Yarra Love Lock Foot Bridge

Another tourist attraction and lovely gesture by this beautiful city. A simple small bridge representing the freedom and culture mix right in the heart of the city. You can find people from different parts of the world reaching here to lock their love and throw away the key into the Yarra river that flows beneath. The whole atmosphere in this place is electric and you will have loads to photograph here apart form the bridge. A beautiful waterside bar called “Ponyfish” is situated right below the bridge and the scenery from there is also awesome. The bridge, the surrounding crown casino complex and the nearby places are not to be missed, your camera would hate you for this!

5. Webb Bridge at Docklands 

A architectural marvel and a beauty very close to the city and walkable distance from the southern cross station is an stunning subject for photography. Especially in the night, there are several perfect spots form where you can capture several long exposure shots of the bridge, the buildings and the nearby areas. A must visit area and is fortunately located very close to the city – yeah, even one can choose to walk from the CBD as it is not very far.

6. The Stunning Docklands, Melbourne

We have arrived at one of my favorite photography spots in whole of Melbourne. If you love landscape long exposure golden photography, this is the place. The view from here is simply stunning and you have a good chance to get breathtaking photographs you will always treasure at this spot. There are beautiful frames in all 3 directions (one side is residential apartments, a little boring) but the docks, the boats, yachts and the city from far are all great subjects for a photographer. I have visited this location several times and each visit gives me at least one masterpiece! A must visit if you enjoy photography!

7. Flinders Street Station Building & Area

This is one of the most common iconic building that comes to your mind when you think about Melbourne city and is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. The heritage building is very beautifully lit up at night with spotlights and certainly deserve to be in the list. Am sure if you are in Melbourne, you will not certainly miss out seeing this stunning building and fits perfectly in your travel photo album even if taken from your smartphone!

8. Federation Square

In simple words, this is the probably like the Time Square in the USA and one of the cultural and art center of Melbourne. All the major cultural and national events in Melbourne are hosted here for the public to attend for free. Beautiful building and large sitting area for people to enjoy their time right in the heart of the city. Certainly a place you wouldn’t want to miss out if you were in Melbourne.

9. Beautiful Cityscape & Candid

Melbourne is not only one of the most livable city but also a beautiful one! The stunning cityscape is the best part about this wonderful calm and busy city. The buildings, the lane ways and the lovely people makes this one of the best cities in the whole world. Melbourne is known for its multicultural aspects where people from all over the world live and work together. A walk around this city is certainly refreshing!

10. Crown Casino & Entertainment Complex

Crown is one of the top casinos in the world and the best in Australia. The Crown entertainment complex is just not about the casino alone, there are several awesome restaurants of all cuisines, beautiful walkways, riverside walk, serene bridges overlooking the yarra river and also cinemas. This is yet another spot that you might not want to miss out if you are visiting Melbourne. To hire a party or event photographer we recommend PartySnapper Melbourne or PartySnapper Perth or Adelaide PartySnapper.