How many Photos to deliver for a professional assignment?

Often I get questions from clients on the number of final photographs I would deliver after an assignment. For most events it’s impossible to give an approximation but you can for sure set a lower expectation that you are sure to exceed.

The number of photographs depends on a lot of factors like the event type, the duration, the lighting, the crowd etc. From my experience of covering over 100 assignments, I can easily commit to at least 60 photographs per hour. That means, if it’s a 3 hours assignment, I’ll for sure capture more than 180 good photographs.

Even though it could look like a lot, considering the pace to be one photo per minute, trust me , you’ll realize this is an easy target.

Above all, I would say its the quality that will impress your clients and not really the quantity. So aim to get the best clicks with a realistic count and you should be seeing your client smiling!!