Offering my Photography services Free to Charities & NGOs

Just as much I enjoy photographing and covering events, I also relish grabbing any opportunity to give back to the community for a noble cause. As a professional photographer, the best way i feel I can add value to any such event is by offering my skill, lens and time for free.

Every month I spend hours photographing events, promos and corporate functions but when I get a chance to support a cause,  it’s a feel good moment.  Sometimes due to various reasons like already being committed to another job, time or  location constraints I might not be able to take up such an opportunity, but I assure that I’ll try my best to take up such gigs to mark my support.

If you are part of any such events or organising any charity event and feel I am good enough to be part of it, please feel free to contact me with the details. Also I would be like to make it a point that I do not encourage “tire kickers” just looking for a free photographer for their event – please send me credible information about the event you are organising and how it contributes to support a cause. Thanks for  your time visiting my website.