Why Post Processing Important & can no longer be Ignored

Professional photography has been advancing day by day at such a fast pace in terms of technique, equipment, setup and outlook over the past decades. Gone are the days when one had to be so perfect while capturing a photograph on their 35mm film and not able to even guess what they might have captured until they hit the red light room.

Today we have great cameras which allows you to tweak the settings to a great extent, capture, preview and recapture photographs any number of times. With the power of technology aided photography we can still push the perfection element further by post processing the photographs.

Not to underestimate the power of PP

I always used to under estimate the power of post processing and capture the best shot on camera then always felt that touching it up screwed the feel of the photographs for me until I realised It was me who wasn’t good at post processing.

Lately I’ve been spending much time In leading professional post processing of digital images and the extent of difference and closeness to perfection started to amaze me. Post processing is no longer cheating and it’s simply improving your photographs to perfection by simple tweaks.

It’s important to understand mood, client requirements and theme of each assignment is different and that is where post processing plays a vital role.Stay tuned as looking forward to posting several tutorials or tips on post processing going forward on the blog as i feel it could help several other learning photographers like me.