My Services range from casual friendly photographic session to professional event coverage, it all depends on YOUR requirement! Below are my respective service pages, based on your requirements, check them out! Looking forward to working with you very soon! Below is the pricing table for my services. Please contact me and select the package details on the contact form drop down.

Pricing & Photography Packages

Package Name Included Price Post Processing
2 Hours Package 2 Hours 280 AUD Included  Soft copy in 5 Days
3 Hour Package 3 Hours 320 AUD Included  Soft copy in 5 Days
4 Hours Package 4 Hours 440 AUD Included  Soft copy in 5 Days
5 Hours Package 5 Hours 550 AUD Included Soft Copy in 1 week
Full Day Event Custom On Request Included Soft Copy in 1 week

Frequently Asked Questions

Often I receive many questions from clients when they contact me for a job. I am easy to work with and cool about you asking me any number of questions. However, Ive got some frequently asked questions answered here already to save your time. Hope this helps! Click on the question to see the answer appear below it. Should you have more questions, contact me

Are there any additional costs Involved?
No, Except for the custom package, there is no other additional costs involved. This includes, my time, effort, post processing of the photographs, travel etc. There is no other hidden costs involved.
How soon will you deliver the photos from the event?
I know you would be waiting to get the photos from your party or event as soon as possible. I try my best to deliver the photos in 2 – 3 days time. For all packages, photos are delivered in less than a weeks time. If you want them urgently, make sure you let me know! 
How do you hand over the photos to me?
All the photos will be high resolution and are delivered as digital copy format. A secure download will be shared to you and you can easily download the photos on to your computer. 
How early should I confirm a booking?
The earlier, the better! However, I accept bookings when confirmed at least 2 weeks prior to the day of the event. 
Should I pay a booking advance?
No.  An email confirmation should be good!. 
What equipment do you use for Photography?
I use professional photography gear which includes Camera body, lenses, Flash, tripods etc. I use a full frame Canon SLR and different lenses to suit the occasion. 
Are you flexible to stay a little longer during an event for photography?
Yes, I charge per hour, so its perfectly fine unless I have another photo gig lined up! Feel free to ask me. 
How many high resolution photographs will I receive?
I don’t set a cap on the number of photos, I just keep clicking and try to get as many good clicks as possible. However, from a 2 hour photography booking you can expect approximately 200 high quality snaps, in most cases it’s way more than that though!. 
Am Curious, is the Pricing a little on the higher side?
Sometimes I do get this question, and I think it is fair to clarify. I understand it is quite natural for clients to have this question when comparing to the quotes they receive. I try to offer premium photography services with high quality equipment and skilled, friendly photographers and have settled at the above best possible pricing to maintain that vital balance. Thank you for your understanding!