Why I love DropBox Pro as a Photographer

As a professional photographer I have to deal with several GBs of digital images every week and that makes digital media management quite a challenge. Of Course i do store media offline and back up them on a HDD also but the process of sharing the processed photos to clients online for download has been a real challenge. I tried all the cloud based options like sky drive, Google drive and dropbox.

From my experience I have had non tech savvy clients always finding it difficult to get hold of the download! Google drive is awesome but Google has tried their best making it very hard for non Google users to access the photos and trust me there are still huge number of users who don’t yet relish using Gmail.

The only cloud based service that made the entire process cycle simple and easy for clients (and me) to share and access the processed photos was DropBox. But soon I ran out of the free space provided by DropBox service and explored the options to upgrade. To my surprise, for as low as 11 dollars a month they offer 1 terra byte (1000 GB) of space and that was like wow! For me.

I am a pro Dropbox user and I have nothing to do with them and am not promoting their service just sharing because I am sure it’s going to help other professional photographers like me to manage their digital images.

Now I have all my client photos securely delivered on Dropbox and also I have a solid backup system on the cloud which is a big relief.

Considering the security and privacy aspects is yet another reason I love Dropbox. The pro account allows you to enable two factor authentication and also the biometric finger print reader on iPhone to secure your Dropbox folder which makes it secure even if you loose your phone. You can remotely log out sessions, remotely unlink all linked devices online and most importantly it’s not linked to your Gmail ID providing it way more privacy (if you know what I mean here). All together am loving the 1 TB of space and the awesome simplicity and aesthetics of Dropbox – highly recommended!!