Two Reasons Why Photography can never be a cheap service

When ever I perform keyword research to improve the ranking of my website, I observe that one of the most popular search keyword is “cheap photographer Melbourne” or “cheap freelance photographer”. I agree to the fact that everyone would look to find a bargain or a great deal when they avail a service but the case is little different when it comes to Photography, you have to spend some money to get a quality result (especially for occasions that do not have a retake – weddings is a¬†good example ūüėČ

What really justifies the cost for hiring a quality photographer?

Nowadays you can find photographers offering services at really low cost and sometimes even free, but you might want to accept the risk of just expecting what you are paying for. IMO the main two reasons holding quality photographer hire costs high are the cost of skill and the cost of equipment.

As you go higher the learning curve ladder, skill and the right equipments make a big difference and all these contributes to higher costs. Photography equipment and gear a extremely costly as they play a vital role while at a challenging assignment. I would recommend, a better “search term” to use for your Google searches would be “affordable photographer” and not rather “cheap photographer”.

What approach to adopt in  finding the right photographer?

The best approach to find a great freelance photographer is to firstly calculate and define your budget, then start the search. Once you have identified a list of prospective photographers, compare their work, style and reviews to come to a conclusion on who to choose.

Wishing you all great luck with finding the right photographer and before I sign off for now, I would love to hear from other photographers reading this on their opinion.